"you love him?"

"yeah, I guess.”

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does this count as a dash thing


does this count as a dash thing

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Charlie Peters in 4.12 ‘Lazarus’ (Shameless)

jesus christ yes to all of it

Ugh he’s gorgeous

Welcome to my Thursday night.

Welcome to my Thursday night.

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Don’t Let Go 


Disclaimer: I’m not going to kill anyone we love. Also Iggy is MIckey’s cousin and he’s NOT from America. Mickey and him met up in Europe at some point. That’s not important. 

It’s what seemed like a typical game. Typical in every sense except the fact that Mickey actually had a good hand. A really fucking good hand. All bets were in. Some dumbass put his two tickets to the Titanic in the pile and Mickey almost blew his cover by shaking his head in sympathy for the man’s lost boat ride. He looks over at his cousin Iggy who’s visibly sweating nervously. They start their round.

“Fold” one guys says. Then the other. Iggy throws his hand down in frustration as he folds too. It’s only Mickey and the…incredibly intimidating man sitting in front of him. The man places his hand carefully on the table. Mickey sighs and turns to Iggy.

“Iggy, you’re going to have to call your mom” he says sadly.

“Aww goddammit Mick-“

Mickey quiets him with his hand on his arm “You’re going to have to call your mom and tell her you not going to see her for a while because we’re going to America!” Mickey says calmly then loudly as he throws his winning hand on the table for the men to see.  The man across Mickey who just lost his ticket to him looks like he’s ready to kill him and Iggy with one hand each but instead turns around to his friend next to him and punches him in the face. Iggy and Mickey quickly get out of there not wasting any time as they hurriedly make their way to the ship, barely getting to it in time.

It’s the second day on the wonderful ship Titanic, Mickey and Iggy are wandering around the lower deck. Checking out the many amazing qualities of being out on sea. They make their way to the section of the boat where the air is just right and where the lower class people can see how beautiful and majestic the upper class people are in great plain view. Iggy is rambling on to Mickey about God knows what and Mickey is desperately trying to tune him out with no avail. It’s not until the before dinner crowd gets out and starts making their way to their cabins that Mickey is able to ignore Iggy’s random words.

He sees him. Red hair flowing in the wind, struggling to keep it in place against the strong wind. The sun hits the redhead’s hair making it look even more vibrant and causing his light skin to glow in an angelic way.  His eyes look out to the distant sea almost solemnly. Mickey can’t stop staring, curious and infatuated all at the same time.

“Mickey! Hey!” Mickey turns around to his cousin. “Did you hear a thing I said, asshole?”

Mickey shakes his head. “I think the real question is does anyone listen to your bullshit?”

Iggy laughs. “What were you staring at anyway?”

“What?”  Mickey asks walking away.

“What were you staring at?” Iggy asks again, looking around to locate what had his cousin’s attention.

“Nothing. Let’s go,” Mickey tries to avoid Iggy seeing as he looks over at the redhead again.

“Ha never even in your dreams, man” Iggy says behind him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Mickey looks down at the ground.

“Him?” Iggy points to the redhead on the upper deck. “That kid’s like royalty and you’re…well…you”

“Shut up” Mickey says shoving him aside.

Iggy starts walking backwards and holds his hands up in defense “I’m just saying.” He says turning around.

“Yeah yeah”

“Plus he’s probably not gay. I mean I hear he’s engaged to some British Elitist or something”

“Where do you fucking hear this shit, man?”


Mickey scoffs. “Anyways I’m not gay either so you can shut the fuck up now.”

It’s Iggy’s turn to scoff and then laugh. “Yeah. Sure.”

Mickey, too annoyed to argue, pushes Iggy forward and follows him. He stares up at the man on the upper deck one last time. Someone grabs the redheads shoulder causing him to turn around. They whisper something in his ear and he’s gone.

It’s late next night, his memories of the man he saw on the upper deck now feel distant. He left Iggy at a card game a few hours ago, wanting to get some air and have a smoke. He must’ve walked the distance of the boat 2 times by the time he gets there and he stops. He sees him from a distance, the same red hair flowing in the wind now seemingly darkened by the night sky. Mickey stops, mesmerized by his beauty until he realizes what the man was doing. He starts walking again, getting closer to the man.

Ian looks around his surroundings, making sure no one was around. He didn’t notice the smaller dark haired boy distantly behind him. He leans over the ship and then steps on the railings, carefully stepping over them. He stands there on the back of the boat for what seems like a while, nothing keeping him safe from falling. He’s crying. He can’t stop crying and he hates it. He hates all of it. He just wants to be taken away from all the pain, all the pressure, the stress.  He hears footsteps behind him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the fuck are you doing?” Mickey says as he gets close enough to the redhead to correctly read the situation.

“Stay back” Ian says to him, eyes forward.


“Don’t come any closer”

Mickey doesn’t listen and walks closer to the redhead.

“I said stay back”

“Yeah I got a bit of a problem with listening”

“I’ll do it” Ian threatens.

“Nah…you won’t” Mickey says, a little too sure of himself. He takes the cigarette he was holding in his mouth out and throws in down into the water accenting how far down the drop was. “The fall probably won’t kill you but that water… it’s so cold you’re going to wish it did”

Ian is silent for a bit then turns around noticing Mickey taking off his jacket. “How cold?” Ian asks

Mickey thinks for a moment, “Below freezing probably” he bends down to untie his shoes and continues “water that cold, stabs you like a thousand knives, you can’t breathe, you can’t think, at least about nothing but the pain”

“How…how do you know this?” the redhead asks.

“My uncles would take me and my sister ice fishing every winter…. Ice fishing is where you-“

“I know what ice fishing is” Ian retorts

Mickey throws up his hands and then continues “So one year we went and me and her were playing around… fooling around which we shouldn’t have been doing but we were kid you know?” Mickey takes off one shoe and throws it aside then continues. “Anyways I fell through some thin ice.  Took a while to fish me out. I was sick in bed for a month.”

He looks at Ian who looks at him unsure. “So,“  Mickey continues, taking off the other shoe.  “If you really think about jumping in… I’m just going to have to go after you, and I’m not really look forward to that.”

Ian stares at the boy in front of him, sympathetic.

“So…uh… why don’t you come back over on board and we can talk about this…grab a drink or something?”

Ian turns towards the boy holding out his hands to him and smiles his bright, beautiful smile. “I’d like that” he says as he takes Mickey’s hand.

“Good,“ Mickey says grabbing the redheads hands tightly “it’s a bit late for a swim anyway huh firecrotch?”

Ian laughs quietly as he carefully turns himself around, Mickey grabbing him cautiously. Ian reaches his foot over the railing but then his other foot slips and he loses his balance on the rails. Mickey’s grip tightens on the stranger as he feels him fall, his body dangling off the back of the ship with only Mickey’s hands keeping him on. Ian panics, screaming out, squirming, making Mickey’s grip on him harder to keep. Mickey needs to calm him down so he doesn’t lose him.

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Beat thing ever

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I know what he felt with me.

He can’t fake that.

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I stole the film notice when they were filming Shameless in my neighborhood. .


I stole the film notice when they were filming Shameless in my neighborhood. .

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one gifset per episode  pilot

About 90% of this world’s problems are caused by little words that come in pairs. We’re healthy and we’re happy… Yet when anybody asks us, we say “not bad”.

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So your name is Lena Willow? Just to be sure. Which name you go by with your family?
- Anonymous

Um…. Why?

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"Whether you have, or you have not wealth, the system may fail you but don't fail yourself"